July 2005

Phymatidium tillandsioides
This little tuft of grass is a miniature orchid and it is growing in a two inch pot.
The plant seems to be thriving in our summer heat here where the temperatures climb in the nineties for days now. It is in a protected, fairly shady growing area under a tree and I never let this plant dry out.
Since I took this picture many of the spikes have now opened, see the close up of the 4mm flowers below. No scent is detected.
Bowiea volubilis ( Climbing Onion)

The plant produces greenish flowers
( see pic to the left) which measure ca. 1 cm and are easily missed if one isn't looking for them.

Below is the whole plant -
Dioscorea macrostachya ( Dioscorea mexicana)
It is growing outside in a shallow dish and the only protection from the full sun is the metal mesh of the cage ceiling.
I will have to pot this plant into a deeper dish, but for now I simply water every day and fertilize along with the other plants.
I identified the plant as macrostachya, but  D.elephantipes was also in consideration.
Paphiopedilum Armeni White

(armeniacum x delenatii)

Purchased at the Orchid Fest in Chicago September 2004.

It is flowering since June, very cute.