Cattleya maxima
July 15. 2002
I purchased a smallish bare root C. maxima from Orquideas de los Andes at the New York Orchid Show in 2000.  The plant didn't show any signs of new growth for quite a while. Last Winter the sunny conditions in our greenhouse seemed to coax it out of dormancy and new healthy leads finally appeared.  The flowers are truly that intensively colored.
Selenicereus pteranthus
July 2002
The plant was started from a ca. 6 inch segment  in Summer 1999. The plant grew into a nice specimen and  produced 4 buds this Summer. This is again one of the typical night bloomers, opening at dusk and closing at dawn, producing  gorgeous 10-12 inch flowers.
at 7 pm
9 pm
11 pm
I had listed the plant below previously as S. coniflorus, to the left is a picture of coniflorus.  The difference is mainly in the length of the spines, short in pteranthus and 1 - 1.5 cm in coniflorus.

(picture of S. coniflorus and correction - courtesy of Ulf Eliasson)