July 20. 2007
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Flowering in July -

Darwinara Charm 'White Star'


The flowers are very cute looking and smelling yummy - very much like Neofinetia falcata flowers

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Epidendrum schlecterianum
I am growing this small plant on a piece of bark in full sun. Warm and daily rain showers -



Pleurothallis tribuloides
My first order from Andy's Orchids many years ago included this plant as a bonus. The mount fell apart years ago and the plant grows now in a little meshbasket. This little Orchid flowers every Spring into Summer for several months at the time.
Looking at the clump from the top down, the numerous little flowers at the base of the growths are not all that visible.



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Trichopilia tortilis - flowering in the cage in early Summer as here last year.


And the whole plant