Ludisia discolor
This one is easy to grow, due to its creeping nature shallow pots or baskets work best. Broken off pieces root easily in well draining soil. I keep these plants moist and in slight shade.
January 2. 2006

Jewel Orchids
This is a collective name for a group of  terrestrial Orchids which are grown mostly for their pretty foliage rather than their flowers, although Ludisia discolor is often sold around Christmas time in spike or in flower.
Ludisia discolor var. nigricans
This one lacks the red veining of the regular Ludisia discolor.
I bought this plant around 1991, it is still in the same basket. New growth always starts from the center of the plant in the basket, so I simply clip the old dangling unsightly tips.
And here is a small spike of the var. nigricans
The next group of plants were all bought in Chicago at the Orchid Fest in Sept. 2005.

This one was labeled Ludisia discolor var. alba, but this may not be correct. It has been brought to my attention that this might be a Goodyera species?
Cyclopogon elatus -
in well draining little basket.
Macodes petola - very pretty!
Anoectochilus chapaensis - pretty red pattern 

May19. 2006 see the flowering plant
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Jan. 11. 2006
Stenorrhynchos speciosum

The plant is growing in a four inch pot. The leaves are large and nicely patterned, see below for a closer look.
The truly showy red spike started to open last week.
Just pretty!!
Nice flowers and a good looking plant too.