The very graceful inflorescence is
ca. two feet long, carrying a nice flower cluster. A second spike is just emerging.

Picture of the flattened pseudobulb
Jan. 8. 2000
This pretty plant was tagged as
Miltonia warscewiczii  var alba
Miltonioides?Oncidium fuscatum??)
It was a gift, received in the Spring of 1999 in flower. I am growing it together with my  Oncidiums (and others) under bright light conditions getting plenty of water and Peters 10-50-10 during the indoor season.
Jan. 8. 2000
Oncidium Sharry Baby
This is my second 'Sharry Baby' in flower this season. The first one had started during the Christmas season to fill a corner of the living room  with the delicious scent of Chocolate and Vanilla.
Amy's Oncidium