January 27.2006

Ancistrochilus rothschildianus, see an
earlier link to this plant. I had potted two of these together a couple of years ago and they are multiplying.
The Anc. rothschildianus plants always lose their leaves by the time they come into flower.The flowers are fragrant, not unpleasantly spicy, with a metallic hint.
And a closer look at the pretty flowers -
A look at the interesting pseudobulbs which are a bit shaped like Hershey kisses -
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Cattleya trianaei
I had bought this bare root plant a few years ago together with
Cattleya mossiae from Countryside Orchids. It finally bloomed for the first time and the new growth not visible here, is fine. Well worth the wait, it is pretty and slightly fragrant too!
And here is the third plant from the bare root 2002 Countryside shipment:
Epidendrum ilense
The plant hadn't flowered since 2002, I actually had bought in the meanwhile another very nice looking  plant from Parkside, which has been growing easier for me.
Now this plant on the left started to spike on an older growth. I picked it up for inspection, and to my surprise I discovered a cluster of flowers on the very first old bare cane. I had thought that "stick" was dead!!! Not so!

See below the flowers