Jan 11. 2006
Cycnoches chlorochilon
This is a surprise! Last September at the Chicago Orchid Fest we picked up a couple of bare-root dormant Cycnoches.
The cholorochilon started to bud unexpectedly and here is a single, very showy and beautifully scented flower. Perhaps the profile explains why it is called a Swan Orchid?
Dendrochilum cootesii

J&L Winter sale 2005

I had bought two very small plants, hoping one would make it. They both produced one small spike each which emerged along with the new leaves. The flowers are very fragrant. This is a small Dendrochilum, the flowering part of the spike measures only three inches.

See the close up below.
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Masdevallia erinacea
I purchased this little four inch basket a couple of years ago from Parkside Orchids. It tolerated the heat this Summer outside without any problems. I saw every so often a single flower on this plant, but this Winter it is finally showing off - lots of cute little flowers with all sorts of adornments and little dangles. I kept the plant slightly shaded in Summer outside. Now inside in the greenhouse it is hanging in bright light and gets watered daily with rainwater.