January 2. 2006

Masdevallia scabrilingus
A very cute plant with lots of little flowers. Unfortunately their scent is not pleasant at all. One gets a cold whiff of Ammonia and then perhaps a bit of a sweetish smell.
A closer look -
Jumellea comorensis,
I am happy about this plant's progress. It put on nice growth since last year and is flowering  and budding from several new leads. The freshly opened flowers smell like those of Sweet Woodruff (Coumarin), older flowers simply smell sweetly.
Oberonia toppingii
This is a repeat bloomer in my hands. I didn't take pictures last year, since I was always waiting for something resembling visible flowers to appear. Well, this is it!! The whole plant measures a couple of inches and the spike, still mainly in bud here, started to open some flowers near the tip. I included the size comparison below, my thumb. My Nikon had trouble keeping these ridiculously tiny flowers in focus.