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Onc. Twinkle    (cheirophorum x ornithorhynchum)
I bought the plant last fall at Waldor's Orchids, the flowers are a pretty reddish (
see  comparison ) and they are very fragrant - spicy floral would describe it.
Orchid corner
Just a  little mix -
Tuberolabium kotoense
The plant seems to flower in waves along the spikes during the Winter for me. I keep the plant fairly wet (with good drainage) and shady. Temps in the greenhouse are about 62 degr F at night time and ramp up during the day to at least 70 degr. F .
The small flowers have a pretty fragrance.
( picked up at Waldor's Orchids October 2003)
I took this picture without flash, hence the slightly yellowish tint.
and the close up - still a bit drippy from watering