January 2005

Most of the Masdevallias are blooming really nicely this year. Watering with copious amounts of rainwater seems to be crucial in keeping these little gems going.
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Masd. Sunspot (sanctae-inesae x tonduzii)
This picture proves it, Orchids were really introduced by space aliens. Sometimes the camera brings out more features than can be seen with the naked eye. Fun flowers!
Masd. Midnight Ruby ( catura x oscitans)
very cute.
One of my very favorites, Masd. strobelii. Having killed a couple of plants in recent years, I am very happy to see these flowering profusely this Winter. The flowers are very fragrant and fill the greenhouse during daytime with a strong fruity scent.
Masd. tonduzii, the flowers are slightly smaller than Sunspot.  I tried to show the fuzziness of the flower in the close up. Here is an earlier pic.
Masd. Jiminy Cricket
Jumellea comorensis