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January 15. 2004
Oerstedella centradenia

the whole plant measures only about 7 inches.

close up of the pretty pink flowers below -
group picture:
unidentified Miltoniopsis (aka "the 30 $ Pansy")   has citrus scented flowers which are  showy and long lasting. This plant needs to be repotted yearly. Light conditions are as for Phals.
Next to it: Ancistrochilus rothschildianus.
and the dependable gorgeous Bc Princess Teresa 'Princess Michiko'  in back
Jan. 21. 2004

and another grouping:
Bl Morning Glory 'H&R', showing one of two nice spikes

Lockhartia oerstedii   -  flowering since December

the pretty Oerstedella centradenia now fully open

front left shows the very cute Masd. tonduzzii - it keeps on flowering

front right Amesiella philippinensis -  fully open

Below is the close up of the Amesiella. The flower had just opened a couple of days earlier.
Amesiella philippinensis
Last year this tiny plant produced two promising buds, which progressed nicely and then aborted. I am tickled pink to see this beautiful flower this season. The scent is reminiscent of Cyclamen.
Dendrochilum glumaceum        Jan 22. 2004              ( Feb 2002)
(Or should it be called Dendrochilum wheatii, a plant a farmer would love?)
The very fragrant sprays of flowers fill a whole room with the delicious scent of Anise.