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January 15. 2002
Mormodes skinneri
I purchased the plant, actually it was a naked pseudobulb, at the New York Orchid show in April 2001. A new pseudobulb with leaves emerged over the Summer months. From October on watering was stopped alltogether, until the leaves were totally dropped - about two months later. By that time the bare plant started to spike and watering was resumed. The individual flowers took several days to open and measure today 1 x 1.5 inches.
Jan. 13. 2002
Oncidium Twinkle 'Fragrance Fantasy'
This one is a real charmer, lots of light flowers which give off a pretty scent of Vanilla.

The tiny plant is part of the group in the picture below this one, see the spike with yellowish buds
Walking into the Greenhouse -
December 31.01
Pleurothallis allenii
The Masd. Baby Ben ( striatella X decumana) flowers look like hooded alien creatures! They are coming right at you!!
Klaus is enjoying the Vanda DG
December 31.01