Goodyera pubescens

Update April 24. 2004
The little patch of Goodyera pubescens, now consisting of several small plants, is still in fine shape. The original leaves had disappeared through the years and new plantlets took their place. I would expect another spike this Summer, judging from the size of some of the leaves.
The plants are still protected with a wire cage.
May 29. 2000
These  plants were purchased from  "Glasshouse Works" and planted  two  weeks earlier in our Pennsylvania woods. We chose a growing condition similar to the Cypripedium  acaule surroundings  (mixed forest and slightly acidic soil) and protected the plants with a cage. The plants survived the initial planting and actually grew a new leaf each. So far so good!!
June 17.00
The leaves are almost sparkling!
Do I detect a spiking attempt??
August 3.2000
A beautiful spike is developing. Both plants are doing fine, growing inside a cage to protect them from deer and other nibblers
Labor Day 2000
We removed the cage for 5 minutes to take some pictures and then replaced it immediately. See the close up of the spike on the right,  the lower buds are open.  This is fun!!!    Hopefully these plants will survive the next winter.