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February 2009

Amesiella monticola -
this was part of a beautiful Christmas present in 2007. I mounted the plant last Spring on Epiweb. The long lasting flowers have a nice scent of mini-Cyclamen during the day, especially in warm sunshine. I found this one not to have a scent at sundown. The beautiful crystalline sparkle is difficult to capture in a photograph.

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Ascofinetia Lionstar ( hybrid of Neofinetia falcata and Ascocentrum Sagarik Gold, which is Asctm miniatum x curvifolium)
It's a cute miniature, the whole plant is about the size of my hand.
I picked it up last Summer, this is a first blooming under my conditions.

Clowesia Jumbo Grace 'Jumbo Orchids' BM/TOGA

I bought it exactly one year ago, I really liked the pretty pink flowers. It grew a new pseudobulb over the Summer and it dropped the leaves around the time the spike matured.
The scent is very nice, perhaps a bit of grapefruit/citrusy scented Pledge

Cattleya trianaei perhaps var. amoena

Dendrobium Pixie Charm ( Yellow Chinsai x unicum) is in my hands a lot easier to grow and flower than unicum.

Dendrobium prenticei