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February 9. 2006
Bulbophyllum echinolabium

I am not taking credit for this awesome flower, I had bought a good size plant in bud last week at Silva Orchids' open house.
The bud opened within only a few days in the greenhouse and I didn't think I could bring it downstairs into the  living room as I do most of the time with pretty Orchids in flower:
Once it was open it couldn't hide, this one is whiffy, to say the least. It smells like an animal had urinated and then died in a corner a few days ago. Very impressive scent production!
But the flower is definitely worth it, and I noticed the smell was only that intense on the freshly opened flower, today - 3 days later - it is not so noticeable any longer.
It has the typical hinged lip and the petals end in very pretty curled tendrils.

Attempted artistic view from the side with flash -

and see below a closer look.
A most interesting flower!
Lc Fiery-walkeriana x Mini Purple
(Hoosier Orchids Sept. 2005)
I had to adjust the color in Photoshop. This shade is almost accurate, except the camera didn't catch the additional fluorescent quality here.
A nice windowsill Catt., easy to grow.
One of J & L's miniatures -Oncidium cheirophorum
Masdevallia Dean Haas

(Copper Angel x Angel Glow)

also from Silva Orchids purchased in bud
This plant was grown in a tree fern ring and it looks great.
The flowers are really showy!