February 20. 2004

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Aerangis citrata

This pretty Orchid arrived in spike in December. It was part of a beautiful Christmas present.
As I was watering the plant daily, tiny tiny buds appeared on the still almost smooth sprays. They then filled out and little spurs appeared.  The flowers are really showy and from the distance look like a miniature white waterfall.
Very cute!!
The photo below shows the arching sprays almost open.
Aerangis modesta (X sibling)

This one too is part of the same group as the citrata above, and it also was in spike, when it arrived.
Both plants received dappled sunlight ( Winter in NJ ) and ample rainwater.
The flowers are VERY fragrant in the evening, the scent is typical of white, night pollinated flowers, very similar to the Epiphyllum oxypetalum. The output of these three little flowers is amazing.
I purchased this Rhynchostylis gigantea from Waldor Orchids in October 2003. The fairly small plant is hanging in full sun and gets watered and fertilized  plenty. It started to spike right on schedule this Winter and produced a beautiful spike of sparkling flowers. The sweet floral scent is strongest in the sunlight.