February 23, 2003
Pretty Angraecum sesquipedale in full flower again this year.
Paph.Stoke Poges X Gertrude West
This one is a happy success story. I received this plant in the form of one leaf many years ago and it sat amongst my collection - trying to grow. For every new leaf it lost the previous one. About two years ago the plant recovered and this season we are enjoying a first flower.
C. aurantiaca 'Waldor'  -
picked up last year at the GNYOS  in April at Rockefeller Center

The beautiful Phal Salu(?)Spot  and the Blc Copper Queen were bought yesterday at the Deep Cut OS.

Minicatt Angelwalker X Lana Coryell - pretty

Dendrobium polysema var. pallida
(The tag said: Dendrobium Latouria type 'Kiap'
but Jim Rose from Cal-Orchids identified the plant for me in Jan 2006.)
from the Cal -Orchids table at the Deep Cut Orchid Show yesterday.
This orchid has really cool flowers, looking like large  hairy bugs!!
closer look at the Phal Salu Spot
I used to have a pretty Blc Toshie Aoki x BL Richard Mueller which I lost a few summers ago. This Blc. Copper Queen followed me home from the Deep Cut Orchid Show Parkside table.
I can't take credit for this eye pleasing arrangement. One of the fellows at the Met. Plant Exchange put this grouping of different Mesembs together.