January 29. 2002
Dendrochilum glumaceum in its location.
It was purchased in December from J&L in Easton, CT. The plant had four new shoots, all of them are now flowering.
It is nice to walk into the greenhouse and smell the deliciously scented flowers, their aroma fills the whole room. A warm Anis-like flavor hits your nose first and then Vanilla and a bit of Almonds.
Attempt of a close up below -
Angraecum sesquipedale
February 17. 2002
This plant produced a single flower in fall, I was happily amazed to see it flowering again this season.
I brought the flowering plant into the living room, so we can enjoy the pretty 'white- floral'  * scent in the evening.

*Roman Kaiser in his beautiful and interesting book "The Scent of Orchids" not only describes the Orchid in detail, but also gives the chemical composition of the scent. ( AOS bookshop)
Orchid corner
Also flowering this month:
another "swarm" of Stanhopea wardii
Bl Morning glory 'H&R'
Lc Tropical Chip 'Fuji' (very cute)
Paph Winston Churchill
A pretty pink "Met. Plant Exchange Phal"