Euphorbia x lomi  Poysean group
September 24.2000                                                 Home page
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The two larger  plants on the left were purchased  from Glasshouseworks in early spring of 2000.  These hybrids of Euphorbia lophogona and Euphorbia milii  originated in Thailand, where they are considered to be "good luck plants".
The pictures below show close ups of the showy flowers. The  quarter  serves as size comparison.
The color of the floral bracts seems to vary slightly with age and/or the amount of light the plant received.
November 28.2000
Scrolling upwards, looking at the group of four plants, small plant on the right:
I started this one from a two inch cutting in April, it rooted easily and started to grow over the summer. This is a first flowering!
These hybrids are a far cry from the usual Crown of Thorn. They are not difficult to grow and  flower happily in a sunny location. I do not let the soil  completely dry out between waterings and apply occasionally dilute blossom booster.
Small buds, like those on the left, take about a week to grow to their full size. The flowers are truly showy, displayed above the leaves.