Epiphyllum  pumilum
July 7. 2000

This Epiphyllum was given to me by Yu Ching Pan, a friendly  person who enjoys growing Epiphyllums a lot. He told me, this particular kind would  produce smaller flowers more frequently throughout the season than the E.oxypetalum.
While the latter is growing right

now lots of pads, this cute plant started to produce several buds. I was watching their progress, so I would not miss the event, since it is night flowering. So, here is one of the buds at about 6:30 pm.

left photo:    about 8:30 pm                                           right photo:  about  10 pm

pretty much open at 10:30 pm

The flowers have the typical light and pretty scent of many white exotic flowers.
(like Acidantheras)
Is somebody bottling this stuff?

11 pm -  fully open

The flowers are not all that big, ca. 6-7 cm across with a tube measuring 8-10 cm.

To my surprise, the flowers were still open in the morning!

Here is another picture with a still open flower in full morning sun.
If you look closely, there is a small bee sitting on the right side. Pollinator?
Coming home from work, the flowers were closed.

for lots of information on Epiphyllums: Jim Hunters' Epiuniverse