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June 29. 2004

Epicactus  Gitti Paetz

I brought home four different Epiphyllum hybrids from
Kakteen Haage in 1999.
Although they were healthy rooted plants, they  took a few years to start flowering since I didn't start out right away with a pot crammed tight with them. For some reason cuttings of Epiphyllums always grow faster and flower earlier when one grows them crowded, at least in my hands.

If you check out the bilingual Kakteen Haage link, besides their tremendous lists of plants and seeds and even  cactus recipes,  you might also find the history of this great nursery interesting.

( I grew up within walking distance, separated by fields.)

See the close up below. The flowers are really gorgeous, especially in the sun.

July 22. 2004

Here is the next one:
Epicactus Edna Stoddard

description on tag: Weiss/white

And the close up views below:
the beautiful large flowers last 2 - 3 days in hot weather, which is very nice!
I have listed the plant below here under the name of Gitti Paetz, since it was tagged as such. The description on the tag however specifies lila petals and bronze sepals. Since Kakteen Haage shows the same flower as mine under their listing of Epicactus Gitti Paetz, I never questioned the id. The petals do show some lila, but I figured perhaps a bronzed shade on the sepals.
Recently I came across another website which might contradict this: 
This is
Roger Paetz which surely comes close??  Perhaps, but how many others look similar? The same site also shows Gitti Paetz with lila petals and bronze sepals, which would fit the tag.

I have now
two plants of this which are putting on a nice show, and we enjoy them a lot, but I am not sure of the proper id.