The flowers open up at dusk, are totally open at about 10 pm and they are finished  in the morning.
The flower  below was about 1 foot !  in diameter when it was fully open and had a very nice fragrance
September 6.1999   the pictures below  were taken last year
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courtesy of Yu-Ching Pan
E. phyllanthus
Epiphyllum oxypetalum
E.oxypetalum ( the two large red pots)  is growing nicely over the summer in our backyard - in full sun. The plants seem to enjoy the unusual amount of rain this year. The picture on the right was taken  August 2, at this time several buds are developing.
(August 17.2000 follow this link to their opening event:
see below, this one is ( from the pot on the right) about to open up, perhaps in a day or two.
( It poured buckets.....)