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February 3. 2006

Zygostates apiculata  syn. Dipteranthus estradae.
I picked up this cute little charmer from Hoosier Orchids a couple of years ago. I was told: "Ursula, you will like it!!"
This February it is flowering the second year in a row without any fuss.
The individual flowers measure about 6-8 mm. I would think the name is "larger" than the flower?

Copious amounts of daily rainwater and good light keep this little plant happy.

see first flowers in 2005 and update in 2007 below
And below a closer look at the teensy flowers -
Here are some links pointing to pictures of this plant from February 2005
size comparison and a small spike starting to open
And an update here in  February 2007

the little Orchid and lots of cute spikes here -