Dendrobium parishii
April 4. 2001
I purchased this plant exactly one year ago at the New York Orchid show. The pretty flowers were enjoyed at that time and I was hoping I would be able to get this Orchid to bloom again the following year. I placed the plant outside over the summer (in our NJ backyard), where it was watered and fertilized thoroughly.  At that time it grew one nice leafy stem. During the fall and winter months the plant hung in a very bright window. Watering was reduced and then altogether stopped for several months. Almost all of the leaves dropped.
Actually, I followed the weather report for Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand on the Internet very closely and resumed watering when showers were reported there. At that time buds had appeared and also a new shoot. It took weeks for the buds to mature and open up, but finally, yesterday most of them started to open.

It is not easily discernible, even from the close up below, the dark purple blotches on the lip are separated.

see close up below -
(it also makes a pretty wallpaper)
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