December 28. 2007

Zootrophion serpentinum
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I bought the plant a few years ago from Ecuagenera. Yesterday by sheer chance I happened to notice some color peaking through the leaves. It has a few flowers right now and is still budding. The flowers are really well hidden by the leaves.
I moved the plant into bright light to hopefully capture the sparkling texture of the ca. 1 inch flowers.

a front-on look

One more

and the plant

Scaphosepalum ovulare
The little plant hasn't stopped flowering since I got it in April at the GNYOS from Andy's Orchids

Scaphosepalum cimex

and the plant

Platystele umbellata


Pleurothallis tripterantha - picked up years ago from Orchideas de Valle

I had moved the little plant last Summer from a mesh basket to a tree fern ring.

   Cute little flowers on pendant spikes