December 2007

Blc George King 'Serendipity'
from Larch Hill/Bill Hutchinson in the Summer 2007
This is already a second flowering since I got the plant. The scent is lovely, a beautiful floral scent with "tropical notes", somwhat reminiscent of Pina Colada.
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Bc Princess Teresa 'Princess Michiko' is putting on a beautiful display again this year

Brassavola Little Stars is filling the living room with its nice scent in the evening

Bulbophyllum alagense (small form) is thriving and starting to flower


Bulbophyllum medusae
I had bought this one a couple of years ago at the GNYOS, I think in 2005 It produced one nice "flower-puff" this year. Perhaps I will see some more of these in years to come. The scent is a bit on the fishy side.

and a closer look at the flower cluster

and a sideways cut-out

Laelia autumnalis v. atrorubens is opening three spikes this year. As before, I water the buds dailywith rainwater to prevent them from staying glued together.

a nice spike

and the plant