December Orchids in 2008
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Bulbophyllum medusae -
it flowered well this December, eleven white mop heads and a second flush in the works to bloom in January.

And - fireworks with a flash

Coelia bella or Bothriochilus bellus
I received this as a beautiful Christmas present in 2006. The plant has added a lot of growth since then. I love the fat round p-bulbs and the flowers smell like delicious warm Almond paste.

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Dendrochilum javieri ( Christmas present  in 2007 :-)) I am happy it bloomed nicely for me this year.

and some details

Laelia autumnalis var. atrorubens  - 11 spikes this year

flower detail:

Bc Princess Teresa 'Princess Michiko' puts on a nice show again this year.
The lovely scented flowers last weeks.