December 19. 2006

Lots of repeat bloomers this month - I am pleased!
I had bought this nice Cymb Golden Elf x Cymb iridifolium in
August in spike from Parkside. I am happily amazed to see it flowering again this December.
Anyone looking for a warmth tolerant Cymbidium, this one seems to have no trouble with almost daily 80 degr F. noon-time temperatures in the greenhouse during this very mild Autumn here in NJ.
It is mildly Dill (?) scented.

(Another warmth tolerant Cymb.would be my very cute Showgirl 'Malibu' 
here is a pic from Oct. - it had produced two spikes this Fall. After it was finished flowering I had placed it on the uppermost rack into full sun and now it is ready to open another small spike. I am calling it cute, since it is truly a miniature plant, the spikes are so far also small, but the flowers are of a decent size.)

Below another look at the Golden Elf x -
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Aerangis luteo-alba var. rhodosticta
the first of three spikes is opening, they are very pretty!
Ascda Fuchs Joy, flowering every few months.
Ascocentrum christensonianum
Dendrobium Luz del Dia 'Kiilani'
flowering and growing the best ever for me inside. This one always blooms well outside in Summer but likes to abort the buds during the indoor season. This year it must have found its voice, all buds are opening and more spikes are in the works. I think this plant is a warm weather fan.

See the spike below.
Schomburgkia superbiens -

three new growths this season on the now heavy branch, but only two of them produced spikes. It should be noted the spikes were much shorter than usual, I measured about two feet rather than the four to five feet of previous years, but the flowers are as pretty as ever.
The plant was hanging outside in full sun all Summer without any protection. Perhaps that caused it, since it was watered and fertilized plenty.

a closer look at the flowers below-
It is not easy to get a good picture, the plant is wiggling and always seeminglyin the wrong light)