Cattleya mossiae  'Campo Grande'

This is the first one of three orchids purchased a while ago bare root from Countryside Orchids,  which produced this Fall two pretty, scented flowers.  
November 30. 2004
Sophronitis cernua
I grow this diminutive plant on a small treefern slab. I almost missed the cute flowers, they measure only about one and a half cm.
And a repeat bloomer, the showy, scented flowers of Bc Princess Teresa 'Princess Michiko' in our sunroom.
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Mamillaria plumosa
I was wondering what smelled so nice on one of the Cacti& Succulent shelves. Surprise!! The flowers are scented!!
Update on Crassula ovata/ argentea:
It is happily flowering.
Brassavola Little Stars -  strongly scented in the evening
Dec. 10 2004