December 1. 2003
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Orchid corner
Bulbophyllum corolliferum
var. atropurpurea   -
It produced a few more of the ca.1 inch  fans in November. The flowers sparkle in the sunshine. Looking at the close up pictures, I was amazed to see the droplets, since I hadn't watered the plant yet.
And it is budding again....
And here is another slightly different angle
Cycnodes Wine Delight J.E.M. FCC/AOS ( Cyc. lehmannii X Morm. sinuata)
These flowers are really beautiful and nicely scented.
Stelis hallii (picked up from Parkside)
Brassavola Little Stars
(nodosa X cordata)
It is still flowering and producing new spikes. I love the scent during the evening hours, it is amazing how much perfume these flowers produce.
I can not take credit for the beautiful flowers on this page. Except for the Stelis ( Parkside), they came from Waldor Orchids and were in flower or spike, when I picked them up in October this year.
Some additional pictures of the Stelis hallii in January 2006 and also another close up