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December 29, 2001
Christmas tree at Rockefeller center in NY city
Cookara Tropical Snowflake
(Dialaelia Snowflake X Cattleytonia Keith Roth)
(Cookara:  Broughtonia X Cattleya X Diacrium X Laelia)

Nora's plant enjoying the bright conditions of the greenhouse
Slc Hazel Boyd
Hazel Boyd flowers every year. The individual spikes never seem to develop in unison, they take their sweet time to open, one cluster at a time. Since the pretty red flowers last several weeks, the plant always puts on a nice display. (There is still a latecomer on the "right side" of the plant)
Brassavola cordata
The plant put on some new growth over the Summer and shows off two nice spikes in flower. (The second spike is not visible here.)
Brassavola cordata Dec.29.2000
One of a group of very interesting newcomers -
Masdevallia strobelii, a cute little plant with curious flowers. Here is an amazing  close up.
Also flowering this month:
Vanda David Gardner
Ctna. Why not X Ctna Why not
Minicatt. Angelwalker X Lana Coryell
Oncidium Sharry Baby
Bc Princess Teresa 'Princess Michiko"
Laelia anceps
Lc Minipurple 'blue'
Vuyl MK 'Augie'