Cypripedium acaule and Cypripedium acaule forma albiflorum

These pictures were taken May 27. - May 30. 2005

Visiting the several stands of Cypripedium acaule in our woods during the Memorial Day weekend has become a very enjoyable ritual. This year was no exception, we visited all of them. Lots of beautiful plants in flower and many juvenile plants around them - it is another good year for the Cyp. acaule.
To our big surprise and delight we found one plant with a totally white flower, all others around it were shades of pink. This  group of plants grew in a very protected spot at the edge of the woods near a stone wall, away from deer tracks. Very carefully not to step on any precious plants, I took a whole batch of pictures, see the selection here with the close up below.

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And the very beautiful pinks!!

Lots of them in different locations, but always in mixed forest, in close proximity of conifers.

The wild Lily of the Valley, Bead Lily,  Starflowers, Foamflowers,  False Cucumbers, Solomon's Seal  and Mayapples were also in bloom, which made it a most interesting walk through the forest.
And we found two Platanthera lacera plants which we protected with a cage.