Cypripedium acaule
May 27. 2001
We had visited our Cyp. acaule patches on May 12. On that day the plants and flowers were just emerging and some early ones were already fully open.

The pictures on this page were taken during the Memorial Day weekend. Now two weeks later,  they were profusely flowering, their pretty pink tones  fully developed.

Approaching one of the major stands in our woods - a whole row of these flowers in open view with the sunlight shining on them, it can really give your heart a jump!!
This particular stand stretches out a few more yards beyond the plants in these pictures, in smaller groups. Also, single plants radiating from this site, are found further away.

The habitat:
Pine trees, deciduous trees, a carpet of blooming wild Lily of the valley, lots of Star flowers and Club mosses. This particular spot does not have the Sarsaparillas and large ferns as some of the other stands.
Coming closer to enjoy the flowers, we are careful not to create a path for deer to follow, since they are numerous and chow down anything along their way. And they do follow our we had learned the hard way in previous years.
A different angle -
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