Cirrhopetalum Elizabeth Ann 'Buckleberry'
This is a  division of the  famous award winning Cirr. EA 'Buckleberry'
owned by Waldor Orchids, formerly of Joe Volpe.

It took some good advice (and lots of special attention) to get the plant into flower last year for the first time under my growing conditions.
It spent the summer months hanging in our Dogwood tree ( this tree gets lots of traffic).  In September I placed it into our sunroom, where it received morning sun and some additional light from grow lamps. In January the plant was moved to a bright location and I applied lots of dilute blossom booster  ( Peters 10 50 10 - my favorite) and misted the free roots daily.
This season all new leads are spiking! It is fascinating to watch the umbels develop, looking terribly disorganized in the early stages and then straightening out to a neat fan formation.
The flowers are charming in their own weird way, with all sorts of interesting little hairy wigglers, speckled flaps and long striped skirts with trailers. Or, perhaps one could imagine several funny looking guys sticking their heads together and gossip?

The left fan is almost open, the lower one opened 2 days ago - more to follow....
March 5. 2000
above picture was updated March7.00