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Cattleya skinneri alba 'Debbie'    FCC/AOS
March 29. 2004
Walking into the greenhouse,
Epiphyllum 'Deutsche Kaiserin' and
Lc FireDance 'Patricia' are in full bloom again and this year they are joined by 
the Cattleya skinneri alba 'Debbie'.
Finally, this year 'Debbie' decided to flower for the first time.
I bought the plant about five to six years ago from Waldor Orchids, it had three healthy pseudobulbs. Every year it added new leads, yet Spring came and went, but the plant did not flower.
At the end of last Summer I counted six new pseudobulbs! I had a nice green lush plant, when was it going to happen? This Winter I detected buds emerging from the dry sheets of the last season- Yippeeee!
This was going to be the year 'Debbie' would reward me with a show! And it did,
see the photos below -
15 flowers in total, opening over a period of about two weeks. Very Pretty!
Emerging buds, just about visible!
I took many pictures, in this photo the "dancing red" flowers of 'Patricia' compliment the beautiful white flowers of the Catt. skinneri alba.
And - zooming in a bit more:
I do hope for many more repeats!!