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December 11. 2006

Bulbophyllum bataanense  (lobbii)

This Bulbo-basket  grew a few more nice looking pseudobulbs, but I seem to have trouble keeping them leafed out.
It again dropped two leaves prior to flowering, but there are still two clean leaves adorning the group.
It doesn't stop the plant from flowering (totally?) it produced two nice flowers this month, after skipping last year's blooming season.
The flowers are really neat with their stripes and speckles, and a hinged wiggly lip adds special interest.  One could imagine a small pollinator stepping onto the lip and getting hurled smack against the column.

See below the flower with its lip down.
This close up to the right shows in more detail the
column and the lip in down-position.
Straight on view with lip down
And here is the flower with the lip up
And again to the right a more detailed look at the lip in up-position.
A gentle simulated rainshower in the greenhouse also tripped the lip upwards.

Comparing the flowers to an
earlier picture of this plant in 2004, the dorsal sepal seems shorter this year?