December 6. 2006

"Braided" Leaves
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Angraecum distichum

Since the tiny flowers rarely face upwards, I placed the little pots on a mirror to catch them in their  reflections.

I usually remove the Moss and  the small Ferns, which always grow on one of the pots only, but this year I decided to leave them alone unless they really overpower the plants.
Perhaps the Moss helped with  moisture retention during the Summer outside, since the pot  containing Moss and Fern always grows and flowers more easily?

Besides, it adds interest - I think.

And here are some larger braids -

Dendrobium anceps
I had picked this one up at the Chicago Orchid Fest in 2004 from Parkside, the interesting leaves had caught my attention.

This Summer it started to flower outside in pretty much full sun.
Every so often a tiny flower  would appear from the leaf axils.
See below a small flower and a closer look at a leaf.

This one wants lots of bright and sunny conditions and good quality water.

Lockhartia oerstedii -

another Orchid with interesting "braided" leaves.
I keep it together with Masdevallias, Pleurothallis and other smaller Orchids with similar requirements.
It is
flowering almost year around.
Microsaccus griffithii - it grew another, cleaner leaf over the Summer - it hasn't flowered yet for me.