December 8. 2005

Bulbophyllum alagense
small form
Orchid corner

I bought the Bulbopyhyllum alagense from Andy's Orchids
at the  Greater NY Orchid Show  at Rockefeller center in April 2005. How could I possibly resist these clusters of tiny cute  bulblets?

I kept the Bulbo outside over the Summer in a protected spot. Since the end of September it is hanging in a bright spot in the greenhouse, getting daily rain showers.
To my surprise I noticed lots of tiny whitish buds at the end of November.
The picture shows the size comparison by the inclusion of my thumb, the buds measure less than a cm. If you blinked, you missed them...

The picture to the left and the closer look below were taken on Dec.1. 2005
December 7. 2005
Now a week later, most of the buds are open, the flowers are numerous and tiny!!
And another closer look -