August 23. 2000

Blc. Toshie Aoki X Bl. Richard Mueller
Orchid corner
Lc MiniPurple 'Blue'
August 24.2000
August 27. 2000
Pleurothallis tribuloides

The diminutive flowers on this Orchid are truly curious.  They resemble tiny  (cooked) lobster claws rather than the showy flowers of a "typical" gorgeous  Orchid.

see close up below
August 28.00
4 days later - both flowers are open and looking very pretty  in dainty lilac
Encyclia brassavolae
August 31. 2000
September 6.2000
The picture below shows the structure of the lip a little clearer.
I moved the plant indoors to protect the flowers from the unusually cold nighttime temperatures this week. In the evening the flowers give off an interesting but pleasant  scent. To describe it -  a mix of Carnations, Vanilla and Cinnamon comes close.