August 29. 2007


Dendrobium aggregatum  ( lindleyi)

It normally flowers in May for me, this year it spiked in August. This Orchid is supposed to have a drier Winter rest, it never really gets that  under my conditions. But - the mount dries up very quickly, especially since I grow it very bright year around. Perhaps the down-pours in July gave it the signal to bud.

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Here is the plant flowering in the cage, four golden spikes this year.

and a closer look at the flowers

Encyclia brassavolae
I moved the plant in the Spring into a 10 inch diameter wire basket. Four spikes are opening in succession.
Nice spicy-floral scent reminiscent mainly of Carnations with a touch of Cinnamon in the evening

Doritis pucherrima var chumpornensis