Ascda. Anant Gold  x V. Rasri Gold

August 1. 2006

I bought this plant from Natt's Orchids at the Chicago Orchid Fest in September 2005.

I had placed the plant high up in the cage into full sun and watered and fertilized plenty. I am happy that the  developing buds were not harmed by the terrible thunderstorms we had here this Summer.
See the still growing flowers opening below.
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Phrag. ecuadorense 'Birchwood'

I thought this plant would never, ever flower for me, I had picked it almost two years ago during the Chicago Orchid Fest 2004 from Fox Valley. The flower is ca. 2 inches long and 1 inch wide - small, but very cute.
I grow this Phrag very bright, although the picture below doesn't show it.  Right now during the Summer outside it receives several hours of full sun.
Lots of rainwater and some fertilizer are part of the routine.

Phal. bellina  ( violacea  'Borneo'), a nicely scented  Phal with huge glossy leaves.
(Oak Hill Gardens Sept. 2005)