August 23. 2005

This Medusa is most likely Euphorbia flanaganii. It has been part of my collection for many years.
The plant was watered a bit too generously this Summer, it grew a little wilder than usual and even produced a small crest - see picture below. I placed it already into drier surroundings. Cute little yellow flowers usually appear in early Summer.
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Astrophytum asterias 'Superkabuto'  hybrid
The flower just started to close for the day when I took this picture.
I keep this cactus in full sun outside and make sure it doesn't get overwatered. I have killed a few Astrophytums ( myriostigma) over the years, they are very susceptible to rot during the Winter. It takes only one small amount of water at the wrong time of year to have them turn into mush. So far so good with this one, I have kept it going for about a year and a half. I just love the beautiful beaded markings on the plant.
And another look at the white pattern - it looks stitched?