August 11. 2004
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Cirrhopetalum putidum

Cirrh. putidum was given to me many years ago in bud. I enjoyed the flower very much at the time and waited a very long time to see another one.
I have been growing the plant over the last three years on a slab under fairly sunny conditions giving it rain water twice a day and Peters fertilizer every so often.
This plant seems intolerable of poor water and likes more sun than my Cirrhopetalum E A Buckleberry. Cirrh. AEB drops its older leaves if given that much bright light.

The plant picture on the left was taken after the plant had flowered.
The flower is amazing, a wiggly purple lip and cute little tassles invite tiny flies, which buzz about it in the morning.
The plant is enjoying its Summer home
in our backyard under a Japanese Maple tree.
And a sideways view
Aerangis luteo-alba var. rhodosticta - one of two plant of the same purchased from Hoosier Orchids in bud. The flowers are very pretty.
And from the same shipment the teensy Angraecum distichum.
August 26. 2004 one of the spikes of the second plant. This picture was taken outside under different light conditions.
The flowers are identical.