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April 2006

Hoya carnosa

I had picked up a small plant last Spring at a plant sale from a local garden club. The leaves are variegated green, white and some pinkish-red. A product named Bayers Advanced Rose and Flower care ( containing Imidacloprid) kept the plant clean from Mealies and other nasties.
This Spring it started to produce lots of umbels which are now in various stages of budding and flowering.
This is a fun plant to grow!!

See the flower close ups below.
Dendrobium Pam Tajima
(eximium x atroviolaceum)
picked up at the GNYOS in April 2005 from Haiku Maui Orchids
The plant has been flowering for weeks now, the interesting flowers are very long lasting.
The blooming cycle of Phrag. Jason Fischer is slowly coming to an end. This is flower # 11, now barely over an inch in size.