April 13. 2006

Ascocentrum ampullaceum
picked up from Hausermann in September 2004
The plant is blooming this Spring for the first time under my conditions. The pretty flowers are pleasantly scented, perhaps in the direction of Raspberries?
The Lc. Rojo shows no signs of wilting and is joined by another first bloomer,
Renanthera monachica. The Renanthera started to open two spikes weeks ago and takes its sweet time to open the buds, the speckled flowers last a long time.
A closer look at the Renanthera monachica below
Maxillaria tenuifolia
I brought the flowering pot into the living room downstairs, the scent evokes sunny days at the beach, sunbathers using coconut moisterizers.
Lc Carl Bornshine 'Mendenhall'
I kept the plant all winter right below the greenhouse ceiling, the leaves take on a temporary light green color due to the very bright light conditions. This year the plant produced four nice spikes with two long lasting, beautifully scented flowers each.
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