April 21. 2005
Dendrobium primulinum
purchased from Hausermann at the Chicago Orchid Fest in September 2004

A nice large plant with long canes - as soon as I brought it home, it started to produce new shoots. Instead of letting it go dormant at this point, I watered it gently throughout the whole indoor season. I kept it under maximum sun in the greenhouse, minimum temp. at night set at 62 deg F.
Three of the long canes which were already devoid of leaves at the time of purchase, produced beautiful, prettily scented flowers.
And the close up below:
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Trichopilia Suave Margins    
this is a Santa Barbara Orchid, an unregistered hybrid as of yet: Trpla suavis x Trpla marginata
(communication SB Orchids )
bought in flower last Spring. It produced two gorgeous large flowers this year, I am happy! They are sparkling in the sunshine.
Bulbophyllum graveolens 'Mount Millais' AM/RHS x self
( I have seen several different spellings of the clonal name, I take corrections here. Just send the indexpage-owl)
I saw the plant in flower at the GNYOS in 2003 and bought one from the vendor on the spot.
I keep this plant fairly bright  (one can see scented Geraniums in the picture grown along side) and at minimum temp 62 degr F, not far away from one of the heating vents.
Watering is usually done twice a day with rainwater.

The photo to the left shows the buds just partially open and still in slight disarray, I am hoping they will straighten out in fan- shape formation.
Below the close up - complete with wiggly lip.