April 4. 2005    some updates, some new stuff
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Lc Fire Dance 'Patricia'  happily flowering in the greenhouse. 16 spikes!
(Purchased from Waldor Orchids many years ago)
Cattleya skinneri  alba 'Debbie'  FCC/AOS      ( from Waldor Orchids)
This plant started to flower last year and we are having a repeat performance this spring.

Cattleya Green Emerald '......'   This is a newcomer, bought at the Chicagoland Orchid fest in September 2004. I had bought it tagged as Potinara GE "Queen" - it is C. and either 'Orchid Queen' or 'Queve'.
Interesting speckles and a nice scent.
Rhyncholaelia glauca

I am growing this Orchid for a couple of years now, this year it finally flowered for me for the first time. This one is beautifully scented at sundown with the typical scent of night-pollinated white flowers.
Lots of bright light and rainwater twice a day did the trick.
(came from Andy's orchids)
C. Angelwalker  x Lana Coryell
This nice window sill Orchid  flowers on and off throughout the year, showing off usually only one or two flowers. I had kept it this winter under very bright sunny conditions. This spring it is really flowering well.